Lake Country

Five years ago, Wade Benson fell asleep at the wheel of his car. No drugs or alcohol were involved, but the consequences of his actions include the death of a young woman named Becky Morse. Benson is given a light sentence for his crime, which does not sit well with Morse family friend Darryl Potter, a former Marine scraping by in life with no direction.

He decides to kidnap Benson’s 20-year-old daughter, Juliet. This leads into a situation that Darryl did not think through completely. It’s up to his friend and former soldier Mike Barlowe to find Darryl and Juliet before things take a turn for the worse. Welcome to Sean Doolittle’s LAKE COUNTRY.

The author introduces several other characters who all have a stake in finding Juliet, from a TV reporter who thinks it will make a great story, to a bounty hunter who has reasons that will be made clear later on. To be honest, I wasn’t as invested as they are. I just wanted to just put the book down, mainly because it plods along like a canoe down a river.

It becomes apparent that Darryl has no clue what he is doing, and once Mike becomes involved, it seems he is drinking from the same cup of stupidity. It all leads to a climax that went by so quickly, I had to reread those pages to make sure what happened; I was thinking, “Did I miss something?”

Some might take LAKE COUNTRY’s story and characters; I was left with the feeling I had read something else. —Bruce Grossman

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