I Saw You …: Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections Filled with Near Misses, Brief Encounters, Lusty Longings, and a Little Hope for Love

Ever since I heard the concept of I SAW YOU …: COMICS INSPIRED BY REAL-LIFE MISSED CONNECTIONS FILLED WITH NEAR MISSES, BRIEF ENCOUNTERS, LUSTY LONGINGS, AND A LITTLE HOPE FOR LOVE, I wanted to fall in love with it. Editor Julia Wertz had a terrific idea in adapting selections from that subgenre of personal ads into cartoon format, so she rounded up a host of talented artists to take a crack at it.

The results probably fare better than the success rate of those ads, but it’s still rather scattershot. Art is great all around — including such indie giants as Peter Bagge, Jeffrey Brown, Shannon Wheeler and Jesse Reklaw — so what’s the problem? Repetition, mostly, and scripts that aren’t nearly as imaginative as they should be (although some are, raising the bar). If this book were a blind date, you’d might not be all that disappointed halfway through dinner, when you could tell that sex wouldn’t in the cards later. —Rod Lott

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Comment by Shannon Wheeler
2009-02-18 12:44:15

Indie giants? I was flattered (seriously). Made me laugh too – world’s tallest midget sort of credit.

It’s funny reading these reviews – I still haven’t seen the book. My guess is that the second round is going to be a lot better. All the artists will see what the others had done and we’ll have to get more creative. This time we all worked without knowing what the others were doing which made us all invent the wheel independently and think we were all being original.

Your review seems like a fair one. The blind date analogy is good, funny too.

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