Marvel Zombies

marvel zombiesBased on a story arc in the ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR comic book, the hardcover miniseries collection MARVEL ZOMBIES is written by THE WALKING DEAD scribe Robert Kirkman – doing a better job here than he does on that series – as well as wonderfully evocative artwork from British artist Sean Phillips.

In the UFF story, Reed Richards discovered a alternate universe where a space-borne plague turned all the Marvel Universe superheroes into zombies with a never-ending need to feed. They talk, walk and act like the normal heroes (and villains) that we’re used to – only their bodies are constantly rotting and falling apart and, well, let’s just say I never thought I’d see Hulk try to take a bite out of the Silver Surfer, which is exactly what happens in this putrefied take on the Galactus saga, as the giant purple planet-eater comes to this dead Earth to satiate his globe-absorbing desires. This is only a super-treat to the zombie heroes, who look at Galactus as a nothing more than a mammoth buffet.

Needless to say, a hilarious twist ending occurs, almost begging for an immediate sequel. This is one of the most fun, original books Marvel has put out in a long time; it’s no wonder that in its original, single-issue format, it sold out constantly. No massive continuity tie-ups, no need to look fro crossovers – it’s just a horrifically simple, brutally funny, self-contained tale that you never thought you’d see from Marvel. –Louis Fowler

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2006-11-30 08:02:57

[…] Now that November has come to a close (hell, didn’t it just open?), you know what we’re thankful for? That, for the second month in a row, more Internet searchers coming to BOOKGASM were looking for Evangeline Lilly nude shots than Charo nude shots. Next month, we’re hoping to see Charo drop off the list completely, and maybe people getting back to searching for actual books again. Like MARVEL ZOMBIES, making its first appearance on our incoming-search list. Glad to have you. […]

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2006-12-11 07:21:55

[…] CRIMINAL #1-2 (Icon) BOOKGASM readers love crime. Look any day of the week and chances are, you’ll find a mystery or crime novel reviewed. But not by me. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of mysteries and crime novels, except for the occasional true-crime exploitation paperback about Satanic killers in Milwaukee. But after reading the first two issues of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ seminal CRIMINAL, I’m willing to change my tune. Simply put, if you are a BOOKGASM regular, you’ll want to start getting this book ASAP. It’s the tale of career criminal Tommy and his latest heist, complete with intricate plotting and a rare insight into the underworld not usually seen in comics, if at all. By issue two, something goes rotten in Denmark, leading to a bloody twist I didn’t expect, and actually making me gasp a little. A comic book made me gasp. Amazing. DAREDEVIL’s Brubaker has concocted a sly, white-knuckle tale that even outdoes some of the best heist films of the past 10 years. It’s as gritty and realistic as they come, with no expense spared on the blood and bullets. MARVEL ZOMBIES artist Phillips, one of the five best artists working in comics today, delivers a wonderfully menacing noir work of art that perfectly captures the heightened sense of dread throughout the proceedings. Altogether, CRIMINAL is a true masterwork that’s on the verge of being a comics classic. […]

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2007-02-21 07:52:21

[…] The best part though? Sean Phillips’ final page, wherein he crafts a MARVEL ZOMBIES-style Spider-Ham. Now that’s a book I’d gladly read. […]

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2007-04-05 20:45:22

[…] LEGION OF MONSTERS: WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #1 (Marvel) With the success of its MARVEL ZOMBIES series, it looks like Marvel is resurrecting more of its supernatural monster characters, and I ‘m going to be first in line to grab them. The first one-shot under the title LEGION OF MONSTERS is an action-packed updating of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, as our unlucky wolfman Jack Russell takes on werewolf bigotry in a small town. […]

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2007-04-19 07:07:21

[…] of this column know, I tout ARMY OF DARKNESS almost everytime and seriously, who doesn’t love MARVEL ZOMBIES? It’s the best mix-up since peanut butter and jelly! One problem, though: I missed issue one. […]

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2007-08-08 07:00:39

[…] HORROR (Marvel) Marvel is milking its MARVEL ZOMBIES franchise for all the pus it’s worth, crossing the alternate universe story over ad nauseam, even […]

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2007-09-13 07:02:07

[…] FROM THE ASHES #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) Now that everyman wiseacre Ash is back from the MARVEL ZOMBIES universe, he’s landed back in his own world, except it’s in the post-apocalyptic, […]

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2007-10-19 11:48:09


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2008-07-08 06:02:49

[…] ZOMBIES 2 picks up where the wildly popular MARVEL ZOMBIES left off: The undead versions of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Phoenix […]

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