Snakes on a Sudoku

snakes on a sudokuNeed official proof that the crazes for both SNAKES ON A PLANE and Sudoku puzzles have gotten completely out of hand? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you SNAKES ON A SUDOKU.

It’s tagged as the “official puzzle book” for the Samuel L. Jackson film. What differentiates this Sudoku book from the kajillions already flooding shelves? Simple: Taking the title far too literally, each puzzle has an illustration of a snake sitting right atop it, and the boxes curl around (like a snake!) rather than sit in 3×3 grids.

And that’s it, which smacks of utter laziness to me. If you’re going to do a tie-in puzzle book, at least put forth some effort. The LEMONY SNICKET one captured all the dark, droll humor of the film and series, so why can’t this one have a word search for various spellings of “muthafucka”? Or maybe a maze in which you have to guide Kenan Thompson to snatch up all the bags of airline peanuts?

One can’t really review something like this (“Remember that one puzzle that starts out ‘4 blank blank?’ Ooh, dat shit tricky!“) – only throw it out there and see if anyone jumps to catch. Part of me thinks it’d be fun to put this on a shelf and pull it down in a few decades just to prove it existed, but that would only be encouraging them. –Rod Lott

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SNAKES ON A PLANE by Christa Faust

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Comment by Michael May
2006-08-14 11:20:03

(”Remember that one puzzle that starts out ‘4 blank blank?’ Ooh, dat shit tricky!“)

You do realize that I’m reading this at work and it’s really awkward for both me and my cubicle-mates when I just start chuckling at my computer screen…

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2006-08-18 16:22:49

[…] We’re huge on graphical elements, whether they be Cylon, ape or water-skiing squirrel variety. So it should be no purpose that we’ve broken down our coolest swag of the past year and flaunt it for all to see. Not mentioned were our swag lowlights, which included: • FAN-TAN novelty poop; • GHOST all-day suckers; • CHILDREN OF THE COMPANY recycling bags; • BELLY LAUGHS blue Twinkies; and • SNAKES ON A SUDOKU. Need I say more? […]

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2006-09-04 09:55:06

[…] Here at BOOKGASM, we don’t get many puzzle books to review. SNAKES ON A SUDOKU excepted, the closet we get is Parnell Hall’s STALKING THE PUZZLE LADY. […]

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