Sexytime: The Post-Porn Rise of the Pornoisseur

Hard as it may be for you to believe from a guy who named a book-review site after an orgasm, but I don’t watch porno movies. However, this dared not stop me from picking up SEXYTIME, which rounds up poster art from the X-rated genre’s porn-chic heyday of the 1970s and VHS breakthrough of the early ’80s.

That’s only because it comes (tee-hee) from Jacques Boyreau, whose previous exploitation-art exhibits in book form, TRASH and PORTABLE GRINDHOUSE, have earned permanent placement on my shelf. The guy has a knack for picking images; much like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart and hardcore porn, Boyreau knows it when he sees it.

And luckily, he shares it, this time from the visual-presentation experts of Fantagraphics Books — a match made in poster-art heaven. Whereas FB’s packaging of PORTABLE GRINDHOUSE was appropriately the size and shape of a VHS tape, this hardcover book measures 14 inches tall, and that’s … well, you know.

Writes Boyreau in his balls-out introduction, “The idea of SEXYTIME is that these posters are more satisfying than the movies they advertise.” And the results suggest that’s for damn sure.

Presented in full-color, naturally, they range from photography to paintings to cartoons; from purposely artful and well thought-out to crude and thrown-together. They carry straightforward titles like NEW WAVE HOOKERS, BLAZING ZIPPERS and FLASH PANTS; they also boast more eyebrow-raisers like HUGO’S MAGIC PUMP, THAT’S MY DAUGHTER! and LIBRIANNA, BITCH OF THE BLACK SEA.

LITTLE ORPHAN DUSTY apes Farrah Fawcett’s iconic bikini poster, right down to a lookalike startlet. AMERICAN SEX FANTASY is a “red, white & BLUE movie” whose cartoon image is meant to be the squeaky-clean teen star of Archie Comics. With its looming dinosaur, ONE MILLION AC/DC could be mistaken for an AIP sci-fi cheapie of the ’70s, until you notice the bare-breasted beauties underneath the beast.

Some are really classy; I’d frame the cutout composite image of SCORPION ’70, if not for the explanation I’d have to give to every visitor. While several are gaudy, only a select few are disgusting; in that latter category falls JUICE (“It’s Suck-U-Lent!”), whose bloated red title appears to be dripping in spermatozoa.

Arguably the most clever poster of all turns out to be a fake; see if you can spot it. Here’s a hint: It focuses on a woman’s crotch. What, that doesn’t help? —Rod Lott

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Comment by R
2012-11-05 08:55:18

“…earned permanent placement on my shelf.”

We all know what you consider that a euphemism for. Gross.

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