Music on Film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Confession time: I’ve never liked THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, but I continue to harbor a mild fas-cin-a-tion with why people do. It’s with that interest that I read Dave Thompson’s MUSIC ON FILM book on what has been called the ultimate cult movie.

In a book so small it’d fit snug in your back pocket, Thompson covers what influenced English actor Richard O’Brien to birth the idea for a rollicking stage musical, the popularity of said stage show, the rocky road to turn it into a movie, the songs that fueled its continuing popularity, and the life it still enjoys living … right down to at least one porn parody.

What Thompson doesn’t give you is any real detail of the making of the movie. Behind-the-scenes stories unfortunately number but a few. Then again, as the cover makes perfectly clear, this is part of the MUSIC ON FILM series. If you’ve let the soundtrack spin more than the flick, this may read like absolute pleasure.

Speaking of, to my dismay, the color photo section contains no images of Susan Sarandon in her bra and panties. Dammit, Janet. —Rod Lott

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Comment by SteveW
2012-05-24 11:14:51

As far as gonzo ’70s rock-musical satires go, I always favored “Phantom of the Paradise” over “Rocky Horror”–better script, better music, better director.

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