Hot for Words: Answers to All Your Burning Questions About Words and Their Meanings

If intelligence is sexy, I wish someone would’ve told all those girls with whom I attended high school. Marina Orlova claims smarts equal sex appeal, but then, she looks like Marina Orlova. She’s the author of HOT FOR WORDS: ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR BURNING QUESTIONS ABOUT WORDS AND THEIR MEANINGS, which no one would be publishing if she were ugly.

The book does exactly what it promises: diving into the origins of words and phrases. But never before have roots been so seemingly raunchy, as each page is accompanied by a slick, full-color photo of Orlova in fantasy-ready poses, from schoolgirl uniforms and bikinis to lingerie and eating a banana.

“Birds and the bees”? That’s probably due to Cole Porter. “His name is mud”? One of John Wilkes Booth’s conspirators. The ampersand? It combines the two Roman letters for “and.” “Horny”? Because an engorged male organ looks like a horn. You’ll learn all these facts and more, including the nugget of trivia that “fuck” appeared in no English dictionary until 1965.

I suspect HOT FOR WORDS will be looked at more than read. Hey, whatever gets young males to put a book in their hands — or hand, singular — is fine by me. —Rod Lott

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Comment by leonard
2009-08-31 08:38:46

Marina can burn me with her HotForWords Anytime, Anyplace and any how…..I’m a knew and knowing…. 🙂

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Comment by John
2009-08-31 10:29:23

While I generally agree with the reviewer (in regards to some raunch in the book) I think it’s a good first effort by Hot For Words to get out of the sandbox (for boys) that’s been growing around her presence on the web… and into the real world. Miss Orlova’s challenge to me is to now create follow-on product with her publisher that is appropriate for children and their schools/families- not just superficially appealing to twirpy/geeky/twitty Gen X,Y,Z and horny old guys. I (used to) think she has that potential. But for now, the little “machine” that’s been created around her mini-celebrity is just exploiting her looks. I’m the fan who first called her “Brain Candy with a Body” but everybody seems quite happy to regard her merely as “eye candy” with a couple of college degrees and this book doesn’t elevate her. I was hoping for a small section in the book devoted to her as a person, her upbringing, her career. But then, I’m probably the only fan who’s curious about how she got out of Russia and into Beverly Hills and two yacht vacations in three months off the French Riviera in 2009. With that much energy going into her career, I’m surprised the book didn’t convey a more polite- if not “politically correct”- tone that would enable her to grow as a performer and real educator. She’s smart enough to make that leap. I frankly wonder about those around her are. I’m happy I bought the book. I hope there’s a second one.

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Comment by Noah
2009-08-31 12:09:31


We are doing a feature on Marina with new articles appearing each day. You’ll learn a lot about her and where she came from. Check it out at Entry code is “VIP2009”.


Noah Laracy

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Comment by Tony
2009-08-31 15:34:04

ISN’T SHE LOVELY, though? I own Marina’s calendar and her new book. I wish I could own her too! But that’s unlikely. she has a nice pretty head on her shoulders. She had a good sense of humor. Maybe she could be the next Lucielle Ball? Or some thing like that. Sure this bnook is probably meant to be more fun than educational!!!

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Comment by Dean
2009-08-31 16:05:32

If good things come in small packages this book is it, although I have an unautographed copy I’m sure it will be a collectable in the near future nice design layout and projections with all those cute outfits she wears, Its a very unique book for the world of words, well written with in-depth origins of the words and phrases in a class schedule outline with entertaining question and answer play for each word plus online interplay extra credit section you choose and email your answer to be teacher’s pet, good luck students. She may need to come out with a second edition as there are plenty word origins to go around.

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Comment by Ric Ohge
2009-08-31 19:46:49

The book, like Ms. Orlova, herself, is an invitation to get to marrow of our langage. One should remember that, for Marina, this is a SECOND language. Don’t let the beauty and the “sexy” accent fool you, this is one intensely intelligent person. Most of us could use some advanced study in our own “mother” tongue-she makes it very informative and a good deal more painless than your high school or college teacher/professor, and it’s good to remember, she has the academic degrees to back it all up. Read the Book, sign on to her Site, learn, grow, and have a great time doing it.

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Comment by John
2009-09-01 17:15:06

Thanks for reviewing the book and introducing more people to Marina, who certainly is one in a million(or rather a trillion)! I’ve ordered the book and it’s on its way – I can hardly wait.

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Comment by James Atkinson
2009-09-04 19:46:27

Barnes and Noble. I love your book dear Teacher. Jimmy.

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