Treasure Coast

treasurecoastComing from new imprint Brash Books comes TREASURE COAST, a new title from Tom Kakonis. As much as I enjoyed reading this book. There was just a little thing nagging at me through it all. Just a sense of that I’ve read this type of story. Where a group of people are pretty much thrust together from various backgrounds to pull off a score.

The story mainly focuses on Jim Merriman. A former gambler who hit a run of bad luck. That he ends up working in a book store. But now he is in Florida to see his sister who is losing a battle with health. Then add to the fact she asks him one favor. That to look after her son who is in deep with the local bookie.

Add to the story that of two of the bookies ‘collectors’. One a young hispanic who tries his best at the job. While the other an older and more reckless man whose idea of a good time is far from the the norm. Who also seems to get a rather bizarre pleasure from ‘collecting’. Then there is the con man preacher who is selling mail order tombstones with a partner who spends more time in the nude then in clothing. This is all balanced out by a wife of a local big shot who turns up to be the score all these people will use as their score of their lifetimes.

The book moves along pretty quickly with Kakonis jumping around these various characters and plots. Till they all meet up halfway through the book. Its at this point where the wheels of the plan slowly come off. In the sense there is a former cop on the hunt for this group. A hurricane just about to hit. And of course one of the crew wanting all the money for themselves.

Treasure Coast is nothing new in the crime genre. I’ve read other books with the same type of plots over the years. Kakonis keeps the reader engaged throughout but then it just reminds me of the other stories of the same ilk. Nothing groundbreaking but worth your time for some light hearted fun. OK maybe my idea of light hearted is a bit different. Still it has enough moments that keeps it above the fray so to speak. —Bruce Grossman

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