The Destroyer: Number Two

With e-books gaining more and more ground, the old men’s adventure books are making a comeback of sorts. First, long out-of-print titles are finding new audiences, which is what is happening with THE DESTROYER series as, slowly but surely, some of the old catalog is brought to digital life.

But that’s not all. DESTROYER co-creator Warren Murphy has taken up writing new novellas strictly for e-book readers. From what I understand, most people who have these readers agree that a book of 100 pages or less is perfect, and that is the case with this new line of stories.

In these new works, Murphy writes with a variety of co-authors. In NUMBER TWO, Murphy teams with a longtime fan of the series, Donna Courtois. And to be honest, it reads like an old-school story, just minus the long narrative.

For those who still have not read a DESTROYER adventure starring Remo Williams, let me make one thing clear as glass: They tend to lean to the right politically, so some people might get their feathers ruffled. And if this one’s cover art and title don’t clue you in about the subject matter, the prelude surely will.

The story deals with a series of accidents happening around the vice president of the United States, with the most recent causing the death of a young intern on his first day. This of course does not sit well with Dr. Smith, who begrudgingly he sends his men to protect and investigate.

For its super-brief length, Murphy and Courtois have fun putting the White House administration through a typical DESTROYER send-up, especially two certain people who really get the full treatment. This is a fun little entry in the DESTROYER canon, and hopefully, Murphy and company will continue with these bite-sized reads. —Bruce Grossman

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Comment by Tom Johnson
2012-11-14 09:18:49

Thanks, Bruce, it sounds like these are going to be fun stories. Murphy made the full-length novels read smooth and quick, so I can imagine how much fun these new “bite size” stories will be.

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Comment by warren murphy
2012-11-14 11:11:48

hi, bruce, glad you liked the latest destroyer effort. it was fun working with donna courtois whom i “discovered” some years back when we did “new blood,” the book of short stories by destroyer fans. donna is a real talent. meanwhile, i’m working on a brand new remo adventure, plus a new destroyer-linked series with writer and friend jerry welch, who is the only man, woman or child i personally know who has ever really been to sinanju. this new series will be called “legacy” and my two rotten sons, brian and devin, who work with me now promise that it will be going up for release before christmas. just a side note: i’m now running a “how to write your novel” series at my website; it’ll probably last for quite a few months and it’s free so if any of your readers have been stuck getting their novel in fighting trim, this could be a good stop for them. (did i say it’s free?) happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

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Comment by B. Monroe
2012-11-14 11:45:39

I read Savage Song a few months ago. It was another “novella” in the Destroyer series by Murphy. Funny, funny, funny. Had a great teleprompter scene with Obama (altho he wasn’t actually named Obama, of course…) Can’t wait to read this one too! Thanks Bruce!

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