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A sampling of some of the bizarro search terms with (thankfully) low numbers that brought people to BOOKGASM over the last 30ish days:

• my son thinks he is turning into a zombi
• how to dress like a cowboy
• a true book about four guys that get capped
• bakugan battle porn
• strap on dildos for first timers
• porno ghosts excited
• where does the historians get there material
• russian turtleneck sweater gagged
• book with character named falcon and tit
• old b-movie about a robot with a pumpkin

• no one is good at first
• women excited “while reading”
• naked wield on
• nude naked
• big breasts naked lady
• hanging breasts
• thick boobs
• brazilian boobs
• nude boobs
• naked boobs
• three boobs
• epic boobs
• biggest naked boobs in the world
• worlds biggest naked boob
• great big bosoms
• naked with huge
• pictures of nude boobs
• daughter naked boobs
• nude look material
• counselor troy leather pants
• charo nude
• miss buxley naked
• mick jagger naked
• haley joel osment nude
• poppi brite nude photos
• jeff fahey nude
• mimi rogers sexie
• monkey penis
• manta ray tattoo
• anime licking vagina
• gas mask blow job
• werewolf sex
• amputee sex
• best milf
• sexual reading material
• blackmail porn movies
• how to get excited sex
• math humor equations
• caught masturbating
• queen of the damned للتحميل و

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Comment by mazirian
2009-06-30 07:57:02

It’s really sad to see that the ranking of “Charo Nude” has fallen so significantly in recent months.

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Comment by RP
2009-06-30 21:35:30

It’s a good gauge, though, of something’s Internet “Charo factor.” This new measurement I just invented is the amount of time from when you mention “Charo nude” in a blog to the time it falls off the search traffic charts.

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Comment by Cormac Writes
2009-07-02 11:27:17

“porno ghosts excited”

Note that the level of moaning in the afterlife would be pretty much the same.

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Comment by Filmbaker
2009-07-02 15:05:18

I had to admit, now I’m curious about what book features characters named “Falcon” and “Tit” as well as what b-movie has “a robot with a pumpkin” as part of its plot. Both concepts seem deserving of my time.

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Comment by RP
2009-07-03 18:37:59

I’m not sure about Falcon and Tit, but I bet the robot with a pumpkin refers to “Return to Oz.” I wish we could respond to these crazy queries with relevant information.

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