Will the World End on Dec. 21, 2012?

Best-selling author Steve Alten knows about the Mayan Calendar and its doomsday prophecy. His DOMAIN series has sold millions of copies worldwide. But it is Alten’s new release through Tor/Forge, PHOBOS: MAYAN FEAR, that he says provides details of an actual threat to humanity that could have many readers hiding under the covers on the Dec. 21, 2012, date … not that it will matter. Here’s more from the author on the theories that fuel his new novel.

The Mayan culture began around 500 BC, and is believed to be an off shoot of the Olmec, which lived in Central America and MesoAmerica. The apex of Mayan society occurred around 900 AD in the Yucatan Peninsula. This was the time of Kukulcan, a mysterious wise man and teacher who arrived in Chichen Itza possessing a wealth of knowledge of astronomy, engineering and agriculture.

The Kukulcan pyramid is a testament to his knowledge. The four-sided temple has ninety-one steps on each side; add the platform on top and you get 365 — as in the days of the year. Erected precisely to the equinox, the shadow of a serpent appears on the northern balustrade each fall and spring equinox as an ancient warning pertaining to the calendar’s prophecy.

In 1519, Hernan Cortez invaded the Yucatan Peninsula for Spain and within 50 years over 90% of Mayan people were obliterated. This event was predicted by the Mayan calendar. Cortez, a bearded white man, was mistaken for Kukulcan by the Maya and Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs.
The Maya were obsessed with time, they believed time was cyclical, and that nature possesses its own rhythms. The Calendar itself consists of three calendars built in one, like the working gears of a clock. Added to this was one more means of charting time — the Long Count Calendar. Composed of five great cycles, the Long Count calculates back to a date equating to August 13, 3114 BC, and ends on the winter solstice of 2012. December 21st in 2012 — Doomsday.

The Long Count calendar is made up of Katums —20 year epochs that repeat or recycle every 260 years. It is these Katums that they used to predict the future. KATUM 5 predicted the assassination of Lincoln. KATUM 10 encompassed WWII — a time of great sadness. Our present Katum, KATUM 4, began in 1993 and ends on December 21st in 2012. It predicts great change. Katum 4 encompasses 9/11, a day known as 6 IMOX…referring to great change. On the day of 6 KEY, the US invaded Afghanistan, a day that translated into a time to settle ones debt.
In PHOBOS: MAYAN FEAR, Steve Alten introduces readers to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a $10 billion science experiment located underground in Geneva, Switzerland, designed to smash protons together at near-light speed. While the experiment will provide physicists with a means to recreate the early moments following the Big Bang, it also creates miniature black holes, which could grow in size as they pass through the LHC chamber into Earth’s core. One of the side effects are seismic event — earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

PHOBOS: MAYAN FEAR describes two frightening events: the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera (think 2,000 Mount St. Helens) and a thousand-foot-high mega-tsunami unleashed by the landslide eruption of a volcano in the Canary Islands that some scientists believe poses a catastrophic threat to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

As bad as these things sound, Alten saves the very worst for Dec. 21, 2012. —Steve Alten

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