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Comment by Peter Wrobel
2007-04-26 18:18:44

This is one of the best book blogs I have read. You guys like everything I like – Doc Savage, the Shadow, Clark Ashton Smith, gold medal mysteries, 60s spy novels, Matt Helm, Ed Aarons, etc. Have you read anything by Marc Olden? – he wrote the Black Samurai series and a series of Asian-themed Ninja books like Gaijin and Kisaeng (avoid his last book, The Ghost). His writings from the 70s to the 90s were excellent.

Another book you might want to mention was published last year is Brian Kane’s James Bama: American Realist. This book reprints every Doc Savage cover Bama painted.

Keep up the great work!

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Comment by Bob Sankner
2007-07-06 01:12:55

I am in the US Army stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, training the Afghan police and I just want to let you know that visiting Bookgasm on a daily basis provides me an entertaining respite from the daily grind here. I appreciate it and wanted to let you know.

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Comment by Rod Lott
2007-07-06 07:01:42

You appreciate us, Bob? Not as much as we appreciate you and the rest of your fellow soldiers. Thanks!

Comment by Rod
2009-04-25 10:41:03

A nonreader writes:

“Was surfing the web and discovered Bookgasm. At first I was excited
because it looked like a pretty cool site. I love to read and am always
on the lookout for places I can go to find out about books and to ensure
I spend my book dollars wisely.

Then I tried FINDING anything on your site.

It seemed to be catch as catch can, then I discovered the well hidden
(well, small and out of the way, anyway) links to the different genres.
Okay! Now we’re cooking with gas!

So I clicked on Sci-Fi (my first clue. why is this not spelled out like
all the other categories? If you must abbreviate, why not use SF? Oh
well, I agree, it’s piddling; but strange) and tada! Didn’t recognize a
book or author on there. Had to scroll back through many pages before I
finally found a book and author I knew. And I’ve been reading Science
Fiction since about 1963 when I read “Have Space Suit, Will Travel” by
Robert Heinlein. It mostly seemed to be a repository for comics, mangas
and who knows what all. It certainly didn’t look like any Science
Fiction list I’ve ever seen, current or otherwise.

Then I discovered the search function! NOW I can find something!

Or not.

Typed in David Weber, one of the best selling Science Fiction authors
out there right now, and the first book that popped up in the results
was “Victory Conditions” by Elizabeth Moon. A great book, by a great
author, but not by David Weber… Unless one or the other of them has
had a sex change operation and is writing under a pen name now.

AHAH! FINALLY! The second book in the search results is “Off Armageddon
Reef,” BY David Weber! Possibly my least favorite Weber book, but hey!
At least it found a book by Weber! So kept scrolling, and nothing else
by Weber on the page. Seemed strange, then realized this wasn’t a search
list, but just pulled up a page with a Weber book on it. Huh? So how do
I find the other references to Weber? Still haven’t figured it out.
‘Course it’s possible that this is the ONLY Weber book reviewed on the
site. If so, then I won’t be back. It’s clearly not a serious site for a
SF buff.

Tried clicking on the other categories and basically got the same thing.
Mostly comics, mangas, and books I’ve never heard off. (I like anime,
but am not that enamored with mangas).

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m long winded when I write emails. Sorry, don’t
have the time nor inclination to make it shorter.

Bottom line, if you’re still reading, is that your site *may* very well
be a great site, but without better organization, indexing and search
tools, it’s definitely not for me.

I thought about checking back periodically, to see if you’ve improved
things, but hell, I wouldn’t change anything because of one message. And
others seem to understand, and like, the site, so what the hey! Good for

Thanks for reading! Have a great life!”

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Comment by King Rat
2009-08-26 15:20:31

Hey, are you guys blocking Googlebot? The Bookgasm feed in Google Reader doesn’t have anything except the entry title lately, though the RSS has excerpts when I look at it in Firefox.

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Comment by Becca
2009-10-13 20:45:56

I really just stumbled onto this site and am finding it tantalizing. I couldn’t find any book reviews for The Lost Daughter by Daralyse Lyons. She’s my new favorite author and I’m wondering if you’ve read this work or any others by her as this was the only one I can find. It’s a cross between She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb and Summer Sisters by Judy Blume…

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Comment by Brian
2010-07-16 23:54:36


In honor of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting Comic-Con next week on the grounds of “Idol Worship” ( ), here are the 10 greatest comic book Gods worth worshipping.

ALL HAIL The Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping

Please post a link to this if you like it or even write about it this weekend or Monday or at your earliest convenience. Let me know if you do so and we’ll reciprocate with a social media link if you ping me. Thanks, as always, for your time.


Brian Gilmore
Community Manager |

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Comment by Brooke Babcock
2010-10-13 13:35:09

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Comment by Brian Gilmore
2010-11-17 19:37:06


Not to be outdone by the Twilight crowd, here are the 13 craziest moments in Harry Potter fandom history, including the 13 craziest Harry Potter tattoos of all time on page 3. The first part of the last installment in one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the last 20 years comes out this week, so needless to say, all the insane fans will be out in full form.

Top 13 Craziest Harry Potter Fan Moments Ever

I thought your audience would enjoy this, and that it would make a great timely post with the Harry Potter premiere happening this week. Please post a link to this, or even write about it, if you like it and thanks so much, as always for your time.


Brian Gilmore
Community Manager |

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2012-04-18 02:41:12

I see you do not review self-published books. That’s a shame! I’m an avid reader – don’t care WHO publishes a book. If I like the book and the author, then my day is made. Too many times I’ve picked up books published by the “powerful six publishers” and they are not worth doodly-squat! I’ve read many excellent self-published books. Perhaps on your website you can feature a self-published book once a month. The publishing industry has changed dramatically – recognition for talented authors who are “snubbed” by the “busy” literary agent is being attained through self-publishing. I’d really like to see your site open up to authors who self-publish. You’d be amazed at the response.


Sue Chamblin Frederick, Self-Published Author

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Comment by mary
2012-04-27 11:09:45

I subscribed to your site on my Kindle, I thought that meant the books reviewed would be available on the Kindle. I notice the Purple Rain book is not available? Was that presumptious of me to assume that?

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Comment by Cynthia Marcos
2012-05-07 13:50:02

I would like to talk to yo Sue about self publishing. I had my first book published and took it off the market,because of the editing that was not professional. I have someone else interested in re-editing my book. But they are moving quite slow. So I would like to discuss my matters with you because I am a first time writer and I wrote my book for theraputic reasons. My grammer is not so well but I have gotten a great repore on my book,but it just need to be re-edited professionally. Please contact me at 904-300-4265 or 904-405-7843 or 04-3305512 Thank you!

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Comment by The Hook
2012-07-27 14:38:24

Great site you have here!
But as a self-published author, I can’t tell you how crushed I am that you don’t review self-published material. I’m obviously biased – to say the least – but I truly believe my book, The Bellman Chronicles, is worth your time. Its bad enough to have to compete with that ode to female masturbation, “Fifty Shades of Grey” but if I can’t get the best reviewers to look at my work, what hope do I have?

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